Puppy Proofing 101: How To Make Your Apartment Safe For Your New Fur Buddy

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Puppy Proof Apartment Tips Atlanta, GAPuppy Proofing 101: How To Make Your Apartment Safe For Your New Fur Buddy

There’s nothing better than getting your new puppy home and watching the tubby little furball scamper around, until . . . 


Yep, he’s already into your ficus tree or has copped a squat to water the rug.


That’s when you realize that although you’ve got the puppy chow, water/food bowl, bed, leash and spiked collar, toys and treats – you might need to do a little puppy proofing of your home. If not to keep your favorite boots from turning into an expensive chew toy, but to also keep the little guy safe.


To make sure that doggone mutt safely grows up into your BFF 4 Life while you get to keep your deposit, here’s a list of ways to puppy proof your apartment.


Clean Up, Pick Up


Even if you like to keep your home spic and span, you’re going to keep it extra tidy. This especially means picking up anything on the floor your pup can get to. You’ll also want to consider anything up to 3 – 4 feet in the danger zone because depending on the size of the little guy and how energetic they are – they’re probably going to be jumping for things. If you have a full bookcase, move the books below this level or they will get shredded.


Protect Electrical Cords


Nothing is more chew-licious than plugs and electrical cords. It means a ruined TV for you and possibly a lethal shock for them. Here’s a way you can encase the cords in a plastic tube so they can’t get to it. You can also block or hide the cords.


Put Up Electronics


Remotes, cell phones and gaming controls also make great chew toys. Rest assured, if you can’t find the TV remote, your pup will. Put up all your controllers. Here’s some storage ideas.


Move Houseplants


What young pup doesn’t like to dig and gnaw on plants. Bad for both the poor plant and your puppy’s health as some houseplants can make them sick. Move houseplants up on bookshelves or to another room with a door you can close. If your plant is too big to move, sprinkle a liberal dose of black pepper on the soil.


Child-Proof Locks


Keep your puppy away from the cleaners under the sink and bathroom toiletries with child-proof locks. Put them on cabinets and drawers – especially anywhere there are chemicals, sharp objects or food.


Create A Safe Space


Create a space with baby gates where the little scamp can have all the fun he wants without getting in trouble. The kitchen is always a go-to since most kitchens have tile or hardwood floors. Also use the gates to deny access to other parts of the house and stairs. Make sure to add food and water, a blanket or bed and some toys.


You might want to consider crate training. Here’s a how-to guide and a list of crates to buy.


Put Up Breakables


Have anything you don’t want broken? Yeah, either put it in a room the puppy won’t have access to or box it up and put it in a closet because chances are, it’s going to get broken.


Move The TP


Oh the fun, fun fun your puppy can have with toilet paper. Aside from shredding it all throughout your home, if he eats enough of it he could be in for an expensive trip to the vet.


Keep Doors Closed


Take your eyes off of them for a second and the next thing you know they’re in the back bedroom causing mayhem. So keep the doors of any room you’re not in closed. Always.


Hide The Trashcan


What pup doesn’t want to root around in the trash and create a big mess for you to clean up? Put your trash can in a pantry, closet or consider buying a locking trash can.


Protect Doors & Furniture


You may want to install scratch guards on your furniture and especially doors to save them from the scratching.


Block The Space Under The Bed


Yep, puppies love to get under the bed – what’s under there? Anything chewable? Besides the fact they may get stuck or freak out, they just don’t need to be under there. Use all those Amazon boxes to block anywhere you don’t want them to go.


Just remember, the little guy’s still a baby – but a baby with sharp little teeth and a talent for destruction. You’re not only protecting your home from his mayhem – you’re making sure he grows up healthy and with as few accidents as possible.


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