How To Start Your Own DIY Apartment Container Garden

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Container Garden Apartments For Rent Atlanta, GAHow To Start Your Own DIY Apartment Container Garden


Ready to start growing your own fruits and vegetables on your balcony or patio?


And we’re not talking about some dinky hobby garden, “Oh look, I grew a tomato”. No, you can grow so much produce you’ll have to give it away.


The secret? Container gardening.


What’s a container garden? A fancy term for growing plants in pots, planters or raised beds. Most people are familiar with this type of planting since many have had indoor plants before.


There’s not much difference between caring for a houseplant or a pot of carrots. Sure you’ll be paying a little more attention to your food plants but the basics are the same. Check the soil, water correctly, pay attention to its health, check for pests and occasionally fertilize. 


That’s it. 


Even if that sounds like a lot, it’s really not.


We’re going to get you started by showing you how to set up your garden and then give you a series of guides with everything you need from A to Z.


So let’s get started.


Define Your Spot


Whether you’re growing on the balcony, a patio or in a spot indoors, you need to know a two things for starters:


  • How much sun does it get
  • How much space do you have


Most fruit and vegetable plants need at least 6+hours of direct sunlight a day. One day while you're at home, watch the spot throughout the day to see how much sunlight it gets. You can use a compass or compass app on your phone to get the path of the sun overhead.


Take a tape measure and measure the length and width of your area. That’s going to determine what size of pots, planters or beds you’ll be able to use. Remember to leave enough space for you to work.


If you don’t have a balcony or patio, you can always grow inside. If you have a sunny spot by a large window, growing inside can actually give you more control over the temperature and light, since you can always plug in a grow light to augment your hours of sunlight.


Once you have your measurements, you can decide on your containers.


Choose Your Container(s)


You’ve got lots of choices when it comes to containers. Pots are very easy to use. Planters and raised beds give you a lot of usable space per footage. And the ones with platforms and stands will keep you from having to bend over too much.


If you’re using pots, it’s always better to use something light and sturdy like plastic or fabric. They’re lighter and will be easier to move.


Examples of regular pots: here, here and here


See some fabric pots here and here.


Planters, as mentioned above will give you a lot of room to work with. Here are some examples, here and here.


A hanging vertical garden will maximize your space by attaching to the unused space on a wall or railing.


Once you decide on the type of garden you want, you’ll need to determine the size. What size you’ll choose is a function of how much space you’ve got and what you want to grow. Different plants have different space and depth needs. 


Here’s a great guide to tell you what each plant needs.


Decide On A Crop


This is the best part. Deciding what to grow. There’s a long list of what you can grow successfully in a container garden, so this is all up to what you like to eat. 


Fresh Romaine lettuce, beefsteak tomatoes, cantaloupe, kitchen herbs, jalapeno peppers and Spanish onions.


One recommendation is to use non-GMO, heirloom plant varieties. They’re healthier and will produce more seeds to harvest for the next round.


Here's a list of veggies that do great in containers.


If you don’t get full sun in your garden spot, here’s a list of plants that thrive in the shade.


Are you a newbie or have murdered plants in the past? Try something from this list of hardy, hard to kill plants.


Well, that’s it. All you need to do know is buy your supplies and get started. So, as promised here’s your list of resources that will help you with every step along your journey to fresh, organic produce that you grew yourself.


Have fun and good luck!!



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